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Leasing and Management

Coldwell Banker Harbour Commercial provides professional marketing strategies for leasing office, retail and industrial properties. Through our intimate knowledge of our market we are expert at repositioning non-performing or troubled properties.

The real estate and business markets on the Eastern Shore are in the throes of a profound transition. The faster-than-expected progress of two major residential developments has left a void in the commercial sector, particularly in the retail and service segments. As the largest real estate company on the Eastern Shore, Coldwell Banker Harbour is generally the first to become aware of new commercial opportunities and can quickly modify our marketing efforts to reposition a property as an excellent facility in which to capitalize on such opportunities.

We have extensive contacts among the ranks of regional and national retailers as well as service firms, light manufacturing and distribution companies. We work closely with the Economic Development Commission of the Eastern Shore, the local Chambers of Commerce and the business development agencies of Northampton and Accomac counties, all of whom funnel business inquiries, particularly from out of the region, to us. In that capacity we actively recruit businesses that have expansion plans from out of the area as well as companies considering relocation, particularly from high-tax and high-fee states in the Northeastern United States.

In addition, our strategic partnership with Worldwide Business Brokers gives us access to dozens of franchise opportunities, the startups of which require commercial space. We have the ability to identify a number of potential uses for a given space and recruit such uses - franchise or otherwise - to fill the lease-able inventory we carry. Further, in conjunction with the Virginia Eastern Shore Economic Empowerment and Housing Commission's (VESEEHC) business training and incubation program, we provide site-location services through VESEEHC for young businesses that "graduate" from the incubation stage to establishing themselves in their own space.

Coldwell Banker Harbour can also provide management services for your property from site inspections assuring that tenants are complying with leases and schedule maintenance inspections to service contracting for signage and landscaping.

For more information on how we can help lease and manage your investment properties, contact us here.

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